5 Cristiano Ronaldo Plastic Surgery According to Colombian Surgeons

5 Cristiano Ronaldo Plastic Surgery According to Colombian Surgeons

Football5Star.com, Indonesia - Cristiano Ronaldo is an almost perfect character. Beautiful face, athletic body. No wonder so many rumors say he has had plastic surgery. Colombian cosmetic surgeon Ernesto Barbosa upheld the allegations.
Ernesto Barbosa, confidently, said that Cristiano Ronaldo had at least undergone plastic surgery on five parts of his body. Most of them are made to improve her face so she is more beautiful. He showed this by comparing the two big chain photos that now defend Juventus.

"In comparison, he seems to have had maxillofacial surgery to improve his appearance on the middle and lower face. There are changes in the upper and lower jaw. Then his teeth, he cleaned with a smile image," explained Ernesto Barbosa, and Kien y Ke, Football5Star quoted. com from Infobae.

The surgeon who is also president of the Colombian Plastic Surgery Society added, "His nose is still the same, but with his jaw changed, his appearance has also changed a little."

Another plastic surgery allegedly carried out by Cristiano Ronaldo is eyebrows. The surgeon revealed, "Both eyebrows have changed slightly, before their position dropped slightly, but now it rises slightly."

Another thing that concerns Ernesto Barbosa is the chest and stomach of Cristiano Ronaldo's six packages. He believes that both parties are trained not only because of sports and nutrition intake. According to him, it is very possible that the former Real Madrid star has undergone ultrasonic liposculpture. This is a procedure to suck up fat and train abdominal muscles.


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