Arsenal run over by Liverpool, Emery: David Luiz is smart!

Arsenal run over by Liverpool, Emery: David Luiz is smart!

Unai Emery defended David Luiz after the defender received a lot of criticism after being seen as the cause of Arsenal's defeat against Liverpool.

Liverpool won 3-1 when they hosted Arsenal at Anfield on the third day of last week's Premier League match. Two goals scored by Mohamed Salah.

The first from the penalty spot. The referee gives a prize of point 12 after seeing Luiz take off the wrong jersey in the restricted zone.

Then the second goal is through open play. After receiving a pass from Fabinho, Salah managed to outsmart Luiz and easily broke into the Blues' goal.

Emery Defense

Previously, many criticized Emery's decision to bring Luiz. Moreover, he is relatively old.

In fact, former Arsenal striker Charlie Nicholas called it a foolish act. "David Luiz made us make stupid mistakes, which he often did," he criticized.

But Emery then tried to protect him. He first said that Luiz still had to adapt to his new colleagues.

"It's not easy for him to adapt so quickly, but I'm happy with him," Emery told Sky Sports. "He made an ambitious decision to come here, he wants to do something important with us and help us," he exclaimed.


Emery then invited everyone to not only see Luiz's negative things. He invited them to see the positive side.

The Spaniard said that Luiz really made a good decision when he did not break Salah, which led to the creation of the second goal. Because in this way he will not be punished by the referee.

"We can talk about the mistakes of the players, but also the decisions and actions that are very good in every game," he exclaimed.

"Last Sunday's penalty and his action with Salah - we can talk a lot about him - he gets a yellow card after a penalty - if he rapes Salah, he gets a second yellow card," he said.

"He's a smart player, we can talk about positive decisions, I want his mindset and ambition to be passed on to other players," Emery said.

David Luiz will undergo a difficult test this weekend. Because Arsenal will suffer a derby in North London against Tottenham.


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