Enter the Hell League Champions League, Here's Barcelona's Reaction

Enter the Hell League Champions League, Here's Barcelona's Reaction

Barcelona have faced huge challenges since the first 2019/20 Champions League match. Lionel Messi et al. incorporated in group F that is close to the hell category.
Imagine, Barca must compete with Borussia Dortmund, Inter Milan and Slavia Prague. Barca are much stronger, but Dortmund and Inter cannot be underestimated.

The Champions League has always been a competition that holds a million surprises. Dortmund has always been a difficult German team to beat, while Inter have been more dangerous since being controlled by Antonio Conte this season.

As a result, Barca clearly cannot be easily ranked at the top of the list.

Difficult group

The Champions League has been Barcelona's main mission for the past two seasons, concedes Messi himself. Now, realizing this dream will not be easy. Barca has been tested from the start.

Barca's sporting director, Guillermo Amor, himself admitted that the group phase would be difficult. Barca, who reached the semifinals last season, had to give their best ability from the start.

"It is a group of strong names, I still enjoy Slavia [Prague], it is a difficult group, in the end it will be determined by the way we play," Amor told Movistar.

"We look forward to this match and will return everything for this competition."


In addition, Amor thinks that Barcelona are now better equipped to go in the finals. The bitter experience of the past two years has forced them to understand what needs to be done.

"We have experience last year and the previous year, we will focus and we must be mentally stronger this year," Amor concluded.

Barca have a bad memory with the Champions League these past two seasons. In the knockout phase, Barca won a big win in the first leg by trailing a pathetic defeat in the second leg. In fact, Barca is in front of Camp Nou.


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