Just Retired 2 Weeks, Sneijder Appearance Makes Uproar

Just Retired 2 Weeks, Sneijder Appearance Makes Uproar

Wesley Sneijder has just retired. Even the announcement of the suspension of men's shoes from the Netherlands only made two weeks ago.
Now, after two weeks, Wesley Sneijder returns to the public to watch football matches at the stadium. But the appearance at the stadium this time was really chaotic.

How, not only two weeks after completing his career in football, Sneijder's last appearance showed him as if he had suspended his shoes for a long time.

Yes, this former energetic midfielder appeared with a muscular body. Wearing a white shirt and sunglasses, Sneijder has significant obesity. Practically, his appearance on this stage has become a hot topic on social media.

Many say that the player who brought Inter Milan into the Champions League really benefited from his retirement because of his significant weight gain. This phrase is of course a satire of former players who only change very quickly.

Nevertheless, the observed signs of obesity among dropouts at the Ajax Amsterdam academy appear to have been observed in recent months. At the end of his football career, his weight was a little under control.

After an extraordinary career in Europe, Wesley Sneijder left the blue continent to strengthen Qatari club Al Gharafa. But a 35-year-old man only needs one year to retire.


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