Ahead of Chelsea vs Valencia, Frank Lampard Rely on Young Troops

Ahead of Chelsea vs Valencia, Frank Lampard Rely on Young Troops

The first day of the Champions League will face Chelsea vs Valencia at Stamford Bridge Stadium, Wednesday (09/18 2019). Coming against Valencia, Lampard said he would rely on his young players.

"The main thing that I emphasize to young players before the match is concentration and focus. Every second, you have to be able to focus and that will be the main thing for us to achieve maximum results," Lampard was quoted as saying on the club's official page on Tuesday ( 2019/09/17).

Based on young players inevitably bring Lampard. As a number of senior players like Toni Rudiger are still injured and full-back Emerson.

"Toni is still injured. At the end of last week, he had a groin problem. It will be today. Hopefully this is not a long injury," he said.

In midfield against Valencia, Lampard reduced N'golo Kante, Callum Reece Hudson-Odoi and James. This name U-23 Chelsea and Lampard believe will make a difference in the game of the Blues.

"They are adapting. Callum will get more work with Reece. He plays under 23 and is ready for action. This has the advantage of even showing injury," Lampard said.

Associated with Tammy the figure of Abraham will play his debut in the Champions League, Lampard said the fierce bomber, it will not be nervous. Hat-trick against Wolves, for Lampard Tammy will be more confident.

"I am happy that he has a goal. I think it will be a better place without us needing to continue," Lampard added.


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