Alexander-Arnold: Insigne Like Hazard, Difficult to Guard

Alexander-Arnold: Insigne Like Hazard, Difficult to Guard

Liverpool defender Trent Alexander Arnold, is very suspicious of Napoli winger Lorenzo Insigne. According to him, the players from the Italian national team were very dangerous.

Liverpool will be out in Naples in the first Champions League match in the morning. Last season the two teams met at San Paolo and Napoli won 1-0 thanks to a Badge goal. In preseason, Liverpool also lost again 0-3 and the goalkeeper returned The Reds Badge.

"Obviously a very good Insignia player. He is someone who really helps them to play football, to understand how they want to play, really encourages the team to play. They can give the ball to him and he can help", said Alexander Soccerway to Arnold.

"It is very complicated, very strong, fast, agile enough. He likes Eden Hazard, the type of player who is difficult to achieve and maintain. Facing him is always a tough test, but these are the things you expect in the Champions League."

"Is a great Insignia player, maybe a little underrated in respect and deserves his praise. But he is a very fantastic player. I think his teammates will say the same thing and people who come to tell him how he really came out. "

"He's a good player, they have a lot of good players and we have to be ready," added Alexander Arnold.


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