Barcelona Dilemma: Ansu Fati or Ousmane Dembele

Barcelona Dilemma: Ansu Fati or Ousmane Dembele

Barcelona is fortunate to have Ansu Fati, a phenomenal 16-year-old boy who continues to surprise today. Fati is still young, but she seems comfortable playing at the highest level.
Fati Awakening is the positive side of Barca's difficulties. Injuries to Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi and Ousmane Dembele left plenty of room in the first Barca team. Fati is elected.

He clearly did not lose the opportunity. Fati scored two goals and one assist in three matches. Camp Nou public has a new young idol.
However, the question arises whether Fati continues to believe when the injured player has recovered. Marca quote, read the full review below, Bolaneters!

In fact, there is a line of Fati attacks, Barca has been pretty solid. It is clear that Messi Suarez Griezmann is believed to be a baseman. This trio forced Dembele to be fired on the bench.
However, due to Fati's rise, there is a new dilemma as to who is worthy of Barca's basic trio layer. Initially the role of the fourth striker Dembele, but Fati also needs attention.

On the other hand, Dembele is still struggling to prove. He began to lose Valverde Ernersto's confidence in disciplinary matters and injuries.
Dembele In addition, there is also the name Carles Perez, which means pushing Fati even further. Vaverde can be sent back by Fati Barcelona B, but this is a difficult decision if Fati continues to score.

Barca coaches have an obligation to protect products from the academy. Fati has 16 years at the top level also accompanied by high risk.
This decision will be more difficult if Dembele will not give his best game. Because, on the other hand, Barca cannot afford expensive players just to sit on the bench.


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