Carragher: City Defense is very fragile

Carragher: City Defense is very fragile

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher thinks Manchester City's defense is very fragile. It also lacks confidence in the abilities of Nicolas Otamendi and John Stone.

City seeded defender Aymeric Laporte lost. surname seriously injured and will be absent for the next six months. In the final transfer window, residents also took Vincent Kompany and did not bring a replacement.

This makes the city in big trouble. They only have Otamendi and stone center backs. Both had duets and were poorly executed when residents lost 2-3 at Norwich last weekend.

"Diving Otamendi, he has spent his entire career. This will never change and that is why it is not good enough to play for Manchester City," Carragher told Sky Sports Monday Night Football.

"I didn't think from day one and I've never seen it in the last four or five years, change my mind."

"John Stone, in some ways, for three or four months, fought for his career at Manchester City. If it doesn't go well for him, they will buy someone. At this point, I don't think Guardiola will put these two on the field together. "But he has no choice," added Carragher.


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