Chelsea fans danger the value of Madrid More militants

Chelsea fans danger the value of Madrid More militants

MADRID - After a few months joining Real Madrid, Eden Hazard began to feel a different atmosphere from what he had when he was at Chelsea. Because according to risk, Madrid supporters are far more militant than Chelsea.

Hazard does not deny that Chelsea supporters also love football and the club. In this case, if Chelsea defeat, their supporters will be disappointed. But in Madrid, the Belgian national team captain feels something more than that.

According to him, Madrid supporters have made football more than anything. So they always demand that Madrid can still win the match. see the risk to get there because Madrid supporters really love football.

The Madrid fans are often harshly criticized and taunted if the Los Blancos players don't work optimally. No doubt, this condition makes Madrid players always try to show their best performance, because defeat is something that is unacceptable.

Chelsea when we lost, we were disappointed as fans, but I never felt it was a disaster, this is different in Spain. "I think here the fans are really fans, football is everything to them and they need players to give everything," Hazard said

In England there are so many fans like that. Of course, people love football there and everyone is so young. Adults and teenagers are really interested in soccer, but they are not so fanatical about their team ", he explained.


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