Cristiano Ronaldo: Allegation of Rape Makes Shame

Cristiano Ronaldo: Allegation of Rape Makes Shame

Cristiano Ronaldo said the rape accusations against him made him feel ashamed. Especially in front of his girlfriend and child.

Kathryn Mayorga claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo was raped in a hotel room in Las Vegas, that was 10 years ago. German media published a story in October 2018.

Ronaldo has repeatedly denied the story. Last July, Ronaldo also allowed him all costs, because there wasn't enough evidence.

However, Ronaldo acknowledged that the problem had a negative impact on family life. In addition, this case is closely related to dignity.

"They played with my dignity at the time. Indeed, it was a difficult situation," Ronaldo said.

"You have a boyfriend, family and children. When they challenge your honesty, it is difficult," he said.

Juventus superstar also said to never watch the news on television with his girlfriend. He also claimed to be embarrassed and immediately changed the channel that his son was not watching the news.

"I feel ashamed. I immediately changed the channel Ronaldo Junior has not seen" said Ronaldo.

"Mainly because they talk badly about their parents. Regarding a very bad case. To be honest, that makes me very bad," he said.


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