Daniel James Gemilang, Solskjaer faces a new problem at MU

Daniel James Gemilang, Solskjaer faces a new problem at MU

Daniel James's brilliant performance since the start of the season could be a new problem for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at Manchester United. James came with the intention of strengthening MU's right wing.

James's best ability is his speed and courage to carry the ball. He has a special touch that can change the course of a match. 3 goals in 4 matches with MU is enough as preliminary evidence.

James Slick's performance continued on the international stage. He continued the party with the Wales national team. James's goal is also included in the category of beautiful goals.

Left or right?

According to Express, James's problem was due to the fact that in his best matches for Manchester United and Wales, he played well on the left wing, not on the right wing.

The MU attack line has long needed power on the right, but James's arrival doesn't seem to change the situation. Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford can perform better on the left side than on the right side.

James is expected to solve this problem, but several matches so far have shown that he is getting better performance on the left wing by stabbing to score.

Proof of James's game

Clearly, in James's last three matches (Wales against Azerbaijan, Wales against Belarus and MU against Southampton), he has played more often on the left wing. James often interferes with his opponent with his speed in this position.

Evidence of the greatness of James on the left can be seen in his goals so far. Against Chelsea, he scored from the right side, but goals against Crystal Palace and Southampton were scored from the left - with a curling right-foot shot that interfered with the goalkeeper.

Of course, James's smooth appearance on the left wing made Solskjaer even more confused. If you want to take advantage of James's abilities, he must play left, but must sacrifice Marcus Rashford.


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