Disappointed Trippier has suspended Tottenham

Disappointed Trippier has suspended Tottenham

Madrid - Kieran Trippier has moved to Atletico Madrid this summer. Trippier was disappointed with the way Tottenham Hotspur moved it.

After four years, Trippier left Tottenham. The 28-year-old defender was sold for 23 million euros this summer.

Trippier claimed not to want to leave Tottenham. However, because it is less clear from Tottenham director Mauricio Pochettino and director Daniel Levy, Trippier has accepted Atletico's offer for his future.

"I talked about the plan to the manager, I didn't get a" yes "answer and I didn't get a" no "answer, so you got the impression," Trippier said, reported by Sky. Sports.

"The manager didn't say he wanted to get rid of me and I tried to talk to the boss, it wasn't fun when you knew the club wanted to sell you."

"I heard a rumor that they sold me and it was not fun, but it has happened, it is disappointing, I gave everything to the club and I want to stay, I still have a few more years but all have reasons."

"The manager and I are not good at separating, he does a lot of things for me and I really respect him, these are just a few examples, I tried to talk to the boss, I just couldn't get an answer." he said.
At Atletico, Trippier can trust Diego Simeone to fill the right-back position. He still plays in three Spanish League matches in which Atletico participated.


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