Edin Dzeko has a solution to overcome racism in Italy

Edin Dzeko has a solution to overcome racism in Italy

Rome's mainstay striker, Edin Dzeko, seems quite frustrated hearing the news about racism that keeps popping up in the world of Serie A soccer. This is having a solution to overcome it. How?
Beneficial treatment is no longer held recently. A scholar on the Italian television show, Luciano Passirani, mocked Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku, with inappropriate statements directly on the screen.

In fact, it wasn't long ago, it was the target of Lukaku's racist taunts when Inter Milan visited Cagliari at the party's headquarters to carry out the second week of Serie A. It was even more sad to remember that if Lukaku's new month was to play in Italy.

Don't stop there, Italian history with derision as racism is rooted. Kalidou Koulibaly, Musa Kean and Blaise Matuidi have been victims of racism in recent months.
Edin Dzeko will get racist treatment in an AS Roma uniform. Nevertheless, the Bosnian striker is too hot and cannot allow it all.

"I think [racism] is a bigger problem than, perhaps, in other countries, especially in Britain," Dzeko said, speaking to Sky Sports.
"I don't know what to say about that. But in Italy it was beyond expectations," said the former Manchester City striker.

Then pour the Dzeko solution in mind to immediately stop the bad habit. the Italian soccer federation, FIGC, must play an important role in this case.
"I think too, the federation must also emerge, they must protect the players. This is the only way. I know, when you play in England, everything has been further developed. Racism is there," he added.

"But his hopes are for the good of other players, things like this must be stopped and the federation hopes to try again to stop various ways," said Dzeko.
"If you hear someone [mentioning race], you only forbid him to get to the stadium. They will not return. We don't have to be racist to be in the stadium," said a 33-year-old man.


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