Expensive salary here David Detail Gea to Manchester United

Expensive salary here David Detail Gea to Manchester United

Manchester United and David de Gea are said to have agreed to a new contract. In this case, the guardian aged 28, will be the highest-paid player in America.
Contract negotiations between David de Gea to Manchester United launched from there 2018 The Reds insisted on offering a new contract, but David de Gea relaxed.

David de Gea is still hesitant to stay at Manchester United. He felt the club was not enough chance to win the title. In addition, it is also still in demand by many big European clubs.

However, this week called David de Gea has received a new contract from England. What kind of contract details did the former Atletico Madrid goalkeeper receive? Listen below Bolaneters.
An agreement between David de Gea and Manchester United is said to have been reached. The official announcement is rumored to be made by the club in the near future. Only official announcement.

Extract the Times, there is a special agreement between David de Gea. Related, including salary amount. In the old contract, De Gea gets a salary of 150 thousand pounds a week before the deck.
In the new contract, David de Gea will get a salary of 250 thousand pounds a week after the salary deduction. Within a year, guardians of the Spanish national team will get 13.5 million euros after tax.

With this amount, David de Gea became the most expensive player with a salary at Manchester United. David de Gea salary from Paul Pogba. Alexis Sanchez does not count because he spent by borrowing at Inter Milan.
In addition, David de Gea also does not have a release clause in his contract. This release clause is in the form of a formal [price] or not [within a certain period].

In Manchester United players will get a pay cut of up to 25 percent next season. These conditions will be applied if the Red Devils fail to qualify for the Champions League. It is time for David de Gea to be agitated.
But, citing the Times, David de Gea has not the right to 25 percent if the club pays it fails to qualify for the Champions League.

Meanwhile, David de Gea will sign a contract for a period of five years. It will be at Old Trafford until 2024. In fact, he has the option to sign an additional one-year contract.
David Gea has performed well in the last two matches. After cleansheet with the Spanish national team, he has not conceded during the Manchester United vs Leicester City match there Saturday (09/14/2019).


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