Hazard Compare Fans in the UK and Spain

Hazard Compare Fans in the UK and Spain

Even two months into Real Madrid, Eden Hazard was immediately impressed with the atmosphere of Laliga. In fact, players from Belgium were declared fans in Spain very differently in England in the first Chelsea defense.

Risks carried out for 30 minutes in the match against Levante, Saturday (9/14) then. He came to Casemiro in the 60th minute. In his brief appearance he was fascinated by the public who felt the Santiago Bernabeu.

"When at Chelsea, when you lost, players and fans felt disappointed. But he never really felt that was a bad thing. Unlike Spain. Here, for them football is everything," Hazard was quoted as saying by Marca.

"The public really encourages players to give their best abilities. If English fans who love are rare. Indeed, football has become a culture there, but it seems they don't really like the team," he said.

new danger might appear for Real Madrid in the fourth week because of the injuries he suffered during the preseason. In addition, there are always questions about body weight that must be careful if you want to return to the form that defends the Blues.

"I was here for more than a month and it was very exciting. Many new things I learned there. The players and coaches are very profitable to be here. I feel like a child," he said.


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