Hazard: fanatic fans in Spain other than English

Hazard: fanatic fans in Spain other than English

Eden Hazard revealed the difference between the atmosphere of football in Spain and England, because Chelsea went to Real Madrid this summer.
The Belgian player starts his first season in Spain this year. Hazard Madrid bought Chelsea for 100 million euros in June - a bonus - last - not including premiums and under contract until 2024.

He finished his first prairie experience in Spain, after careers in the French and English leagues. After a few months in the State of Matador, 28 years old began to feel the feel of football there.

One concern is the danger of fans. According to him, football fans in Spain pay more attention to his club than United fans.

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"I think the fans here are actually a true supporter. In England it is also like this. There are people like football and everyone, young people, adults, teenagers, are very interested in football, but they are not too fanatical about his team, "Hazard said in an interview with UEFA.

"When I was at Chelsea and lost, we were disappointed, like fans, but we were never considered a disaster. In Spain, it feels different."

"Here, soccer is all for fans, and it depends on the players to give everything," danger said as quoted by the US.


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