Inter Milan coach Antonio Conte proves he is still bleeding Juventus

Inter Milan coach Antonio Conte proves he is still bleeding Juventus

Inter Milan coach Antonio Conte has shown actions that show that he still keeps Juventus in his heart.

Juventus is indeed very influential for Conté. While continuing to play actively, the former midfielder strengthened the Old Lady in 1991-2004 and gave a total of 13 titles, including the 1995/96 Champions League title.

Juventus has also become the first club to establish itself as one of the great coaches at the moment. Conte treated the Bianconeri in 2011-2014 where he won five titles, including the Scudetto three times.

Juventus fans also call the legendary Conte. However, the label does not apply to a number of Juventini since the 50-year-old coach decided to run Inter Milan in the summer of 2019.

Despite the frustration of Juventus' tifosi against him, Conte recently pointed out that although he is now part of Inter Milan, who is actually a mortal enemy, he still has Juve in his heart., Daniele Vitiello, through his Twitter account, @DanViti, Wednesday (11/9/19) morning, shows that the ranks of coaches and players with their loyal supporters have gathered in the middle. City of Milan, Vittorio Emanuele, will present Inter Milan's third jersey 2019/20.

A video featuring Vitiello and several Inter Milan fans on Twitter. The video was viral because it felt controversy for supporters of La Beneamata.

Because, in the video, we hear Inter Milan supporters singing: "Chi non salta bianconero e". This sentence means: who does not jump, fans of Juventus.

All Inter Milan players and staff then jumped in, including Kwadwo Asamoah, the defender who defended Juventus in 2012-2018. However, only Antonio Conte chose to remain silent while smiling.

Inevitably, many Inter Milan fans were annoyed after watching the video, believing that Antonio Conte still hasn't forgotten about Juventus.


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