Inter thought it might surpass Juventus in the Serie A title hunting season

Inter thought he could overtake Juventus in Serie A hunting season under

Inter Milan to get good results with coach Antonio Conte this season. Former Rubén Sosa Former believes the Nerazzurri have the chance to win big enough for Serie A this season.
Conte recruited Inter this summer to replace Luciano Spalletti. Former Chelsea architect to improve Inter's performance.

So far, Conte has done his job. He was able to bring Inter to three consecutive wins in Serie A.
After recording the perfect start, Inter are now perched at the top of the Serie A standings. They have nine points and are two points ahead of Juventus.

For the past eight seasons, the Serie A title was still dominated by Juventus. Sosa became convinced that Inter could surpass the Biaconeri in the race for the Scudetto this season.

"Inter have built a great team that can break Juve's rules after years," Sosa told FcInterNews.
"There is a solid and balanced team where the soul of Italy is mixed with many South American talents, I like it. Maybe this is the year to finally see Inter win again,

Sosa also did not forget to pay tribute to Conte. According to him, Conte was the most important player from Inter during the summer.
"The great coaches. As I always say, coaches and charismatic champions are very important to reach the top and collect trophies. He is a very good coach, I really like," he said.

Inter will win 1-0 against Udinese, although the opponent plays with 10 players. Sosa admitted that the game was not easy.

"Fighting Udinese is not easy. Tudor presented a well-organized team, very few conceded defenses," said Sosa.
"It's not easy to win, and it's three difficult points, but it's important for the table, because Inter lead now. Victory can bring energy and enthusiasm to the whole environment."

Sosa was also pleased to see the arrival of former Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku. Although not scored against Udinese, the player has two goals so far.
"Yesterday it was rather difficult, but in the first game I really liked," said Sosa.
"It can't be a striker who only thinks about scoring goals, but he has a lot of work for the team. This is ideal for couples with small and fast strikers who are fit and can see the goal."


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