International Pause Becomes a Vacation for Salah and Mane

International Pause Becomes a Vacation for Salah and Mane

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool coach, said Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane were in a fresh condition after being called by their respective countries. The two main players on the Liverpool front line finally had a vacation they had never experienced before.

Salah and Mane are very busy this summer because they have to defend their respective countries at the 2019 African Cup. Salah has appeared with Egypt for the last 16 matches, while Mane has defended Senegal at the top. from list. Unfortunately, Senegal failed to bring back the 2019 African Cup trophy because it lost 0-1 to Algeria.

Following his participation in the 2019 African Cup, the official holidays of Salah and Mane were very limited because they had to join Liverpool directly to prepare for the 2019-2020 season. While the two players were not called by their respective countries at the international break, it was a good time for Salah and Mane to rest.

Klopp certainly hopes that Salah and Mane will be refreshed after a week's holiday to be able to behave optimally for Liverpool in the fifth week of the English League this season. Liverpool will host Newcastle United at Anfield stadium on Saturday 14/09/2019 at 18:30 WIB.

All points will be Liverpool's main goal to maintain the lead of the current standings. Three points will also allow Liverpool to maintain a perfect record of always winning in the Premier League this season.

It's perfect for players who don't have to go. This is a very intense time to get a five or six day leave. They are trained, they always train, but they don't need to be here and do good football, because we usually only have three players here, so it doesn't make sense. This time, there will be five so we can practice, but that still doesn't make sense and Sadio (Mane) and Mo (Salah) still don't get the vacation time they need, "he said. Klopp / 2019).

"For others, this is very difficult, they always have two matches, we talk about the international break, but they have another week with two matches that don't last long, but we can't change it. So, the more often we do that kind of thing, the more "good for the players, because they not only feel fresh, but they really are, and hopefully we will be able to use it (when we meet Newcastle)," he concluded.


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