It was revealed, Arsenal had tried to bring Jadon Sancho

It was revealed, Arsenal had tried to bring Jadon Sancho

A word of thanks is given by Arsene Wenger. The former Arsenal coach said he tried to bring Jadon Sancho to North London when he was still an Arsenal coach.

Sancho was previously known as one of Manchester City's talented young players. But the young man had no chance on the Citizens senior team, so he was sold to Borussia Dortmund in 2017.

The last two years, Sancho's development was so fast with Die Borussien. He was one of Dortmund's key players last season. He scored 13 goals and 19 assists last season. Because of that he is in high demand by the best English clubs this summer.

Wenger claimed that he had tried to bring it. "One time, I tried to bring it [Sancho],

Try Telikung

Wenger claimed to have received information that Sancho would not have the opportunity to play at Manchester City.

For this, he tried to bring players to the north of London.

"I want to bring him from Manchester City because at that time he didn't have the chance to play there."

Enjoy the closeness

Wenger also claimed to have tried to persuade his players to join Arsenal.

But Sancho said he was not interested in the invitation.

"I tried to recruit him because he came from London, I tried to bring him to Arsenal." he said.

So hurry up

Sancho fans will be increasingly present in the summer transfer market in 2020.

The player has scored 2 goals and 3 assists in three Bundesliga matches this season. He also scored two goals for the English national team in a match against Kosovo this morning.


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