Kalidou Koulibaly Affected by Suspension, Napoli Crisis Center Defender

Kalidou Koulibaly Affected by Suspension, Napoli Crisis Center Defender
Carlo Ancelotti, the certain entraîneur of Naples added it was difficult to torturait cerveau mon à ce at the time. FIGC officiellement abandonment de deux matchs suspension in kalidou koulibaly. Fait je Parthenopeans Defender is now the center of the cradle.

Facing Brescia ce weekend, Carlo Ancelotti Dream remains Kostas Manolas Sebastiano Luperto le poste de Defender center. En effet, the other two Central Defenders, Nikola Maksimovic and Lorenzo Tonelli, are blessing.
The background makes Carlo Ancelotti Defender's camp in the middle of Naples en raison de sanction kalidou koulibaly.

One thing that makes Carlo Ancelotti angry sanctions against Kalidou does not need Koulibaly to happen. The Senegalese national team defender was sentenced to two games suspended for a straight red card in the match against Cagliari. The red card was obtained because he was considered insulting referee Marco Di Bello.

Nevertheless, there is a positive side to the suspension of receiving kalidou koulibaly. Ancelotti's mainstay defender to be confirmed as a health condition when Napoli visit KRC Genk home on the second day of the Champions League, in the middle of next week. After bending Liverpool, it is very important because I Partenopei reap full numbers back in the match later.

Also sentenced to two games suspended, there are other sanctions that have been obtained if Koulibaly. Napoli pillar defender was also ordered to pay a fine of 10,000 euros (around Rp155 million).

Acting with Napoli Serie A steps, who gets a red card against Cagliari is the fourth for kalidou koulibaly. Before the match against Cagliari, the last time he received a red card was against Inter Milan on 26 December 2018.


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