Leicester Strong, Solskjaer: Manchester United forced to survive!

Leicester Strong, Solskjaer: Manchester United forced to survive!

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said he was pleased to see Manchester United's struggle to beat Leicester City 1-0 in the fifth week of the Premier League 2019/10, Saturday (09/14/2019), the local time. However, Solskjaer doesn't want to get too excited just because of positive results.

After three games without a win, the Reds must do everything to defeat Leicester. This victory, they must get all the means.

Clearly, after Marcus Rashford's goal in the 8th minute, Manchester United struggled to maintain their lead. Leicester's resistance makes MU very embarrassing for most matches.

Solskjaer acknowledged that the match was different because Manchester United had to survive in the face of Leicester's aggression.

Forced to survive

For Solskjaer, MU's defensive game isn't bad. He recognizes Leicester as a dangerous team. MU played well enough to win, even though it had to be even better.

"We managed to survive - the first time this season we had to survive for a longer competition period," Solskjaer told BBC Sport.

"We have been dominant in other matches, but today we face a team that can defend well in their own territory."

"This is a good team that wants to be in fourth position. He has a very good record, but we don't want to get too excited because we know we can always play better," he continued.

MU team

In addition, this match also confirmed the depth of the MU team, which was considered inadequate. Solskjaer refutes this assumption and thinks the young MU players are ready to give their best game.

"We are still a good team, we have a great team, it is just a matter of preparing them [young players] when they need them," added Solskjaer.

"They are needed when we have difficulties and they do a good job," he concluded.


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