Mkhitaryan seeks happiness in AS Roma

Mkhitaryan seeks happiness in AS Roma

One of the surprises during the 2019 summer transfer period was Henrikh Mkhitaryan's accession to AS Roma from Arsenal. Because the transfer process is very fast on that day.

After a short pause, Mkhitaryan finally revealed the reason for his departure from Arsenal. The Armenian midfielder explained that he was no longer happy at the club dubbed the Gunners.

Therefore, when it comes time to join another club, AS Roma, it doesn't take long to accept applications. In fact, Mkhitaryan admitted that he did not care about the amount of salary offered by the Romans. At present, Mkhitaryan is contracted as a lender with a salary of 3 million euros for one year.

Mkhitaryan explained that he had joined Roma because he wanted to have more happiness playing football. The reason is that he no longer feels this happiness at Arsenal. Understand it, because at Arsenal, Mkhitaryan more often warm up.

I must like to play soccer anywhere. In England, I don't feel happy anymore. I received a call from my agent and wanted to participate because it was a big opportunity for me. I didn't even discuss money with my agent, "Mkhitaryan said at the Football London launch on Wednesday (11/09/2019).

"Maybe I'm not really suited to English football, so I think the change is good." "Last month at Arsenal, I was not happy, so I said it was better to come to Rome and be happy and have fun playing football," Mkhitaryan said.


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