Recalls the father, Ronaldo in tears

Recalls the father, Ronaldo in tears

The closeness of Cristiano Ronaldo with his father, no doubt. Before this time he was known to his mother, his father, who formed the biggest drive for success in the world of football.

In an interview conducted by Piers Morgan Good Morning Britain recently, Ronaldo cried when he told him about his father. One thing he regrets has been that father never witnessed success as the world's best player.

His father had died there since 2005 due to liver failure. That year, Ronaldo hasn't really shone in the top soccer league. Especially for individual price areas. No wonder it made him very sad.

"For me, the saddest is being able to be the best player, but he doesn't see me. He can't see me receiving several awards in the whole family for seeing," he said in an interview.

Ronaldo won the prestigious individual award in 2008, Golden Ball. In the same year he also won the FIFA World Player of the Year. While then doing it becomes a customer to the awards show.

Not only for different sectors, the late Ronaldo's father also had a little time to see his son lift the Champions League trophy. The tournament was won by CR7 in 2007 with Manchester United.


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