Ronaldo cried when his father saw

Ronaldo cried when his father saw

LONDON - As a soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, of course in the world, is often invited to conduct interviews. However, when he was interviewed by Piers Morgan Good Morning Britain, a surprising thing happened because Ronaldo was sobbing.

During the interview session, Ronaldo was shown a video showing his father, José Dinis Aveiro. This video was recorded before Ronaldo's father died of alcohol in 2005 and was interviewed outside his home. Unique, Ronaldo himself has not seen the entire video.

In the video, Aveiro is seen expressing his pride for his son's achievements on Norwegian TV. No doubt, this condition makes Ronaldo cry. Because Aveiro died before he could see the success of Ronaldo. Aveiro died at the age of 52, while Ronaldo was only 20 years old and it hasn't been long to join Manchester United.

"Sorry. I have never seen the video. (I) became number one and he saw nothing. He did not see me receiving an award. My family saw my mother, my brothers, even my eldest son. But my father, he saw nothing, and then ... he died young "Ronaldo said in an interview on Tuesday (09/17/2019).

In addition, Ronaldo explained that he really did not really know his father. Because Aveiro is an alcoholic and often drunk, making it difficult for Ronaldo to talk to him normally.

But I really did not know my father was 100%. He is a drunkard. I talked with him like a normal conversation. That's difficult, "Ronaldo said.


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