So Reserve, Pulisic Starts Frustrated at Chelsea

So Reserve, Pulisic Starts Frustrated at Chelsea
Chelsea Winger, Christian Pulisic, admitted he was frustrated at Stamford Bridge. Therefore, flight hours are minimal.

Pulisic again only warmed the bench when Chelsea beat Brighton 2-0, last Saturday (09/28/2016) at night. Director Frank Lampard still doesn't seem to fully trust Pulisic.

Even Pulisic had been the first choice in the first few matches, but he was slowly beaten on the bench because he had never made a significant contribution.

"Yes, of course, that is very frustrating, but I will continue to do everything possible because I want to play," Pulisic told Pro Football Talk.

"Lampard isn't much to say sorry if he reserves. He said to keep working and I have to improve in practice and try to get back to the first team.

"There will be challenges. I know it is difficult here. It will never be easy. I have to do something. I want to go back and be part of the team and help the team win the game."

"I want to play as much as I can, that's really my goal, I want to be on the field. It's hard for me now. I just have to keep learning. As I said, I really want to be on the field, I have to keep work and will prove to exist ", added Pulisic.

Pulisic himself defended Chelsea in six matches this season. He also contributed three assists.


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