Sure Mourinho Lampard can be a great manager

Sure Mourinho Lampard can be a great manager

LONDON - Many doubted Frank Lampard's ability when a British man was named to face his former club Chelsea. However, that different view belongs to Jose Mourinho. He believes that Lampard can be a great manager in the future.

While still a soccer player, Lampard has been recognized as one of the best midfielders in the world. As is known, Lampard has won many prestigious trophies with Chelsea, including the Champions League. However, when he was appointed to manage the Blues Lampard was doubtful because it was considered inexperienced.

Naturally, because Lampard's track record as manager of the Derby County division's Championship club deal, and also only lasted one season. According to many, Lampard was still not allowed to hold such a big club as Chelsea who had high goals.

But Mourinho believes that Lampard has the potential to become a great manager. According to him, the experience gained when a Lampard player will not be in vain. Lampard believes it will continue to grow as his experience as a manager.

On the one hand, as a player, one thing is the manager. "As a player, I don't think Chelsea fans will agree with me when I say that it is one of the top five players in the Chelsea story, and maybe some won't say five, maybe three," Mourinho said, quoting the subway on Tuesday ( 09/17/2019)

Another thing is career management. One year of experience at Derby where he showed good quality and now he has Chelsea in his hands. He plays for big things. He plays in the Champions League, he plays in the European Super Cup, he already has a big game in his hand, and he has to grow with the level of experience, I think it's possible because he has great experience ", said Mourinho


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