Surprised, these fans knelt in front of Ronaldo

Surprised, these fans knelt in front of Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a quarterback when Portugal destroyed Lithuania in the 2020 European Cup playoffs. A fan was so impressed that he knelt before him.
Ronaldo went crazy when Portugal faced Lithuania at the LFF stadium on Wednesday (9/9/2019). The Juventus striker scored four goals in the 5-1 Selecao das Qunias victory.

There was an interesting incident when Ronaldo was released in the 79th minute. A fan entered the field to come to him.

We saw fans wearing Real Madrid jersey, Ronaldo, wearing number 7. After their arrival near the idol, fans knelt down.

Ronaldo also welcomed the fans. The 34-year-old striker also wants to take photos while inviting fans to leave the field. Security forces did not arrest the intruders.

In the stands, other Lithuanian fans also praised Ronaldo. The appearance of the player who also wore a Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United uniform has many records.

Ronaldo is now the player who has scored the most goals in qualifying for the European Cup with 24 goals. It has also been added to the list of up to 40 countries, Lithuania last.


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