The importance of Lionel Messi's smile for Barcelona

The importance of Lionel Messi's smile for Barcelona

Barcelona must be ready to do everything to make Lionel Messi stay happy. Messi's happiness is very influential on Barca's achievements every season.

Today, there is alarming news about Messi's future at Camp Nou. La Pulga apparently has a special clause in his contract, which allows him to leave the club for free at the end of this 2019/20 season.
Even so, the Barca believes Messi will not take extreme steps. The current President of Barca, Josep Maria Bartomeu guarantees directly that Messi's heart is only for Barca.

Nevertheless, this situation can change at any time. Read the full review below, Bolaneters!
However, Barca cannot expect Messi to play forever. They must prepare the team to face the departure of Messi later.

One of Barcelona's new presidential candidates, Victor Font guarantees his team will try to keep Messi. However, he guarantees Barca will be ready when Messi left later.
"As part of Barcelona, ​​we are worried about its future and that is indeed life," Font told Marca.

"One of the reasons for our 'Yes to the Future' campaign is to plan generations when Messi is gone."

For Font, the most important thing was to keep the smile on Messi's face. The Argentine is 32 years old, but his performance is still outstanding.
Barca are now clearly not ready to let Messi leave. Therefore, the next two or three years will be crucial periods in the transition of Barca.

"What worries us most is how to keep Messi happy here. Barcelona must help Messi with the best team to become champions


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