This MU player became the most prolific signing

This MU player became the most prolific signing

Wes Brown as a Manchester unit legend, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, is one of the most productive Red Devils signers to date.

Wan-Bissaka completed the signing of a £ 50 million contract between Crystal Palace and Old Trafford at the end of June. Anyar Manchester United's performance impressed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, inviting him to ask the club to take him.

Wan-Bissaka itself has participated in the last four matches of the Red Devils in the English Premier League competition this season. Although Daniel James scored 3 goals, Brown revealed he was more impressed by the 21-year-old's performance.

"He is truly an extraordinary person, Manchester United's contract is probably the most productive and consistent this season," Brown was quoted as saying by Paddy Power.

"He starts every game and he has an athletic body and he is also good at many players.

"He came from Crystal Palace and people asked him if he was good enough for Manchester United, and since the first match he seemed to have shown his form and enjoyed the place he wanted.


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