TV Broadcasting Results, Liverpool First

TV Broadcasting Results, Liverpool First

Liverpool has become the team with the highest television broadcast rights in Europe. Television revenue is still controlled by Premier League clubs.
Swiss Ramble, a business blog that specializes in football, has published reports about the benefits soccer teams get from television shows. Data obtained from studies involving the best leagues in Europe.

Reports show that Liverpool is the most profitable television match club, compared to other European clubs. Thanks to the TV show, the Reds managed to collect 152 million pounds (2.63 billion rupees).

Liverpool only slightly ahead of Manchester City in second place. The total number of citizens' television rights is 151 million (2.62 billion rupees).

The Swiss Ramble report also shows that the Premier League still dominates the benefits of television broadcasting. In the list of 20 clubs with broadcast rights, 18 teams come from the English League.

The average profit that can be obtained by British television stations is 123 million pounds (2.13 billion rupees). Revenue is twice as large as other major European leagues such as La Liga 56 million (Rp. 971 billion), Serie A 52 million (Rp. 902 billion), Bundesliga 52 million (Rp. 902 billion) and above League 1 which is "only" received 27 million pounds (468 billion rupees).

Outside the English League, Barcelona and Real Madrid have become clubs capable of making more than R 2 trillion in profits. Los Cules earned television revenues of $ 130 million (2.26 billion rubles), while Real Madrid earned 125 million pounds (2.17 billion rubles).

For Liverpool, the benefits of this TV enrich the financial cash obtained by the Merseyside club this year. Previously, The Red received 100 million (1.73 trillion rupees) as a Champions League prize and 74 million (1.28 trillion rupees) from player sales. As reported by Liverpool Echo.


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