Ultras bad doing for Brescia Sentenced by FIGC

Ultras bad doing for Brescia Sentenced by FIGC
bad act ultras lucky Brescia. The promotion of the Serie A club is subject to sanctions for the partial closure of the stadium due to an incident at Juventus home on Thursday (9/26 2019).

In the match at the Mario Rigamonti Stadium, Brescia was able to stop the bad ultras from mocking Miralem Pjanic. Their stadium stands shouted racial overtones. They echoed Zingaro's words "Gypsy."

The word gypsy directed against Miralem Pjanic is considered racial harassment. This is defined as a form of racial feeling. Because gypsy is a word that refers to a nomadic group of Asian races in Europe who do not want to have a permanent home and residence.

Les peines prononcées les mauvais ultras induit Quelque peu surprenant. Cité by Italian football Football5Star.com FIGC has Morning an Approfondie investigation into the incident. Dependent, ILS imposent sanctions des tout coup.

Néanmoins, les nouvelles sanctions are put on the run for a year. When the new parking lot achrann Miralem Pjanic if Produire to joueur autre new, FIGC rationalisera les sanctions.

The FIGC stage expires Brescia en raison de etre Supporters Race violations bring surprises. Chief, ILS semblaient fermer les yeux sur la violence raciale commis Cagliari ultras for Romelu Lukaku and ultras Hellas Verona for Franck Kessie.

Sur ce, FIGC child propre pretexte. Bad Archives ultras Brescia différemment juge des cas similar fonts here are Ultras Cagliari and Verona. The achrann race for Miralem Pjanic réalisée was assessed by majowych des partisan de Brescia. temps ce pendants, some ultras Cagliari and Verona letters la même chose and Lukaku Kessie.


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