Veteran Italian Pundit Harasses Romelu Lukaku

Veteran Italian Pundit Harasses Romelu Lukaku

Existing racial ridicule of Inter Milan striker Lukaku struck two heated weeks. Is an Italian veteran expert, Luciano Passirani, making the problem again heated.

In an event titled Top 24 Calcio Luciano Passirani commented on the appearance of the striker from Inter Milan. But he only said it was inappropriate to mention how to deal with the game Lukaku gave him 10 bananas to eat.

"If you deal with it one on one with him, he will defeat you. The only way to fight might be to give him 10 bananas for him to eat," Football5star Passirani was quoted from the BBC on Monday (09/16/2019).

Comments Man is 80 years old and has a bad reputation. Even the TV channel concerned immediately gave its sanction.

While the Managing Director of 24 Calcio Program Fabio Ravezzani, said that Passirani apologized for the incident. He also said that experts were relieved because of the problem.

"Apologies were directly conveyed and he could not participate in our program. Passirani was 80 years old and praise, he used the Lukaku metaphor as it was found to contain racial words," said Ravezzani.

"I think there is a lack of clarity now which is quite terrible. I cannot tolerate any mistakes, even if it is only time," he added.


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