Witsel: Dortmund Road Still Long

Witsel: Dortmund Road Still Long
Borussia Dortmund failed to use home games to win three points. SV Werder Bremen host Saturday (28/9), Axel Witsel and his colleagues could not draw 2-2 against guests.

After the match, Witsel believes his team's fight to the top has not been captured. In addition, the Bundesliga has only seven past matches. In other words, there are still many opportunities to evaluate.

"The coach says we have a long struggle. Anyone who is deployed must be ready for the task. Furthermore, for players who have not had the opportunity to do so, they can support each other," the Belgian player was quoted by the official Bundesliga Twitter account.

In this game, Dortmund are two goals scored by Mario Goetze and Marco Reus. This is the first time these two players have scored header when playing together. The pair of gold duo is indeed the back pillar of Die Borussen Goetze from Bayern Munich again.

"I am happy that Mario can score today. As I said, the competition is still long and we need everyone to be here. The opponents we face are uneven. Thus, this term is not an easy opponent," said Witsel.

Borussia Dortmund is currently ranked seventh in the Bundesliga with 11 points. The closest sequence of days is a visit to Slavic Prague headquarters for a Champions League match.


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