Arsenal vs Chelsea, David Luiz Welcomed by Psywar from Cesar Azpilicueta

Arsenal vs Chelsea, David Luiz Welcomed by Psywar from Cesar Azpilicueta

Psywar began to occur ahead of the Premier League match between Arsenal and Chelsea. Cesar Azpilicueta as the captain of the Blues stated that he would not hesitate to serve his former teammate, David Luiz.

As you know, David Luiz was previously a Chelsea player. But the Brazilian man decided to move to Arsenal ahead of the closing of the transfer market last summer.

David Luiz seems to be having a hard time at Arsenal. He has not been able to meet the expectations of the public who want him to be a solution to the dilapidated defense of the Gunners the last few seasons.

And, apparently, he would encounter difficulties when meeting Chelsea. For information, the match will be held at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday (12/29/2019) tonight.

Before, Friend, Now Again

Ahead of the match, Cesar Azpilicueta had the chance to spread Psywar to the former teammate. He said that his team would not be half-faced when dealing with him on the pitch.

"He is a very important player here, part of the squad that won the Champions League, two Europa League and Premier League with [Antonio] Conte," said the Spaniard, quoted from

"We all know that football is changing, players are moving here and there. Now he is starting a new section at Arsenal. On Sunday he will be a rival and we fight for our team."

Player Transfer Phenomenon

Arsenal vs Chelsea

Arsenal and Chelsea are known to have a strong rivalry, like the team 'big six' with others. But the transfer of players that occur between clubs makes the rivalry no longer feels hot.

As you know, Petr Cech, who had defended Chelsea for a very long time, decided to move to Arsenal and retire there. Then there is Olivier Giroud who moved in the opposite direction in 2018.

"Football in every country is different. Sometimes there is an opportunity to move there and there are clubs, players, agents, all involved and make decisions that they feel are best for them," he concluded.


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