Klopp Named 1 player who could fail Liverpool to win the English league

Klopp Named 1 player who could fail Liverpool to win the English league
Liverpool coach, Jurgen Klopp, named one player who could be a disaster for his team ahead of the 2019/20 Premier League match against Wolves on Sunday (12/29/19).
The German coach stated that the match against Wolves was far tougher than against Leicester City, which was ranked second in the English League table. Previously, Liverpool were able to win with a score of 4-0 over The Foxes.

Klopp stated the reason why Liverpool will undergo the biggest ordeal in the English League is none other than the presence of Wolves forward, Adama Traore.

Adama Traore met with a coach who understood the best position for himself. "He started as a winger back, and can now play in three front-line positions," Klopp was quoted as saying by the Liverpool Echo news page.

Not surprisingly, because he is a dropout Barcelona player, I believe Traore is the fastest player in this league. "He is a young player who has great talent and is in the right situation thanks to tactician Nuno Espirito Santo," he concluded.

Adama Traore.

Klopp's own worries were quite grounded considering Traore was one of the important players when Wolves won the reigning English League champions Manchester City 3-2 on Saturday (12/28/19).

In addition to opening the scoring through a goal in the 55th minute, Traore was able to put great pressure on Manchester City, until finally Wolves managed to turn things around.

Traore itself is known to have advantages in the affairs of dribble, long-range kicks, speed, and key passes. Not only that, his strong body makes this former Barcelona wonderkid difficult to stop.

Seeing that note, Traore could also be a player who will frustrate Liverpool won the English League this season. It was not apart from excessive worry Klopp


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