Mikel Arteta: Arsenal are the biggest club in England

Mikel Arteta: Arsenal are the biggest club in England

Mikel Arteta loudly called Arsenal the biggest club in England. It sounds arrogant, but he must say so that his team can immediately get back to winning ways.

Please note that Arsenal have never won again since beating West Ham United. The match itself lasted almost three weeks ago.

Substitution of figures in the coaching chair has also been done. Now, Arteta serves as a permanent coach to replace Freddie Ljungberg who was only interim bound.

Even so, Arsenal still have not won. Their last match, which faced Bournemouth at Boxing Day, ended in a 1-1 draw.

Arrogant Arteta's attitude

Arsenal are required to immediately win. But the problem is, they have to deal with other big English clubs this weekend. The club in question is Chelsea.

Defeating the club made by Frank Lampard is not easy. Currently, the Blues are in fourth position in the Premier League standings. However, that is no reason for Arteta not to be arrogant.

"We are the biggest football club in England, and we have to play with that bit of arrogance, that trust.

"Our stadium has to create that fear again. I'm used to coming here as an opponent, and we have to use that power," he continued.

High Demands at Arsenal

High Demands at Arsenal

Arteta could feel the demands now pinned on his shoulders: Arsenal must win and get the trophy as fast as possible. And he hopes that the demands can also be felt by the players in his care.

"At the moment when you enter this club, you feel the pressure when you perform here. The demand is to win, win a trophy, win every three days, be better than your opponent," he added.

"That is the standard that is here, and can no longer be made different. When you have a crowd around you, his beliefs, his beliefs, you will feel protected," he concluded.


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