Real Madrid Without Eden Hazard: Number of Goals and Odds of Winning Reducing

Real Madrid Without Eden Hazard: Number of Goals and Odds of Winning Reducing
Eden Hazard is often claimed to have not been able to be in the best performance since moving to Real Madrid. However, based on Marca's analysis, the role of Eden Hazard is very important and related to club productivity.

Eden Hazard joined Real Madrid at the start of the 2019/2020 season. Real Madrid must pay 100 million euros to buy it from Chelsea, the club which has been defended for seven seasons.

Eden Hazard's arrival at the Bernabeu was greeted with enthusiasm. He is considered a figure that will make Real Madrid forget Cristiano Ronaldo, especially then Eden Hazard uses the number 7 shirt.

Only, Eden Hazard came not in the best condition. Eden Hazard admitted he was overweight at the start of the season. In addition, his fitness was not good enough after suffering an injury in preseason.

Is it true that Eden Hazard Lacked Contributions at Real Madrid?

Eden Hazard hasn't scored many goals for Real Madrid, like Karin Benzema. The Belgian player has only scored one goal. The number of goals even lost to Sergio Ramos who was able to score three goals.

However, according to journalist Marca, J.I. Garcia-Ochoa and S. Siguero, Eden Hazard have important contributions for Real Madrid. Los Blancos goal productivity immediately declined after Eden Hazard injured.

"In their last six matches without Hazard, Real Madrid only scored eight goals. In the previous six matches, with Hazard playing, they scored 20 goals,

Not only that, the percentage of Real Madrid's wins in the last six matches also declined. Real Madrid only won three wins, the other three matches were drawn. This means that Real Madrid has a winning percentage of 50 percent.

Do not fix on Eden Hazard's statistics

Do not fix on Eden Hazard's statistics

If calculating the performance of Eden Hazard based on statistical records, the former Lille player's contribution to Real Madrid is very minimal. Because, so far Eden Hazard has only been able to score one goal and four assists.

However, more than the numbers, Garcia-Ochoa and Siguero said the role of Eden Hazard was very important for Real Madrid. "They lost the imagination and creativity of Eden Hazrd, which led to a lack of threat to the opponent's goal.

"Real Madrid are still playing well, but they don't find the net as often as they did with Hazard when playing. The effect is far more than the statistics.


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