Dani Pedrosa's Miraculous Fruit for KTM Will Be Seen in MotoGP 2020

Dani Pedrosa's Miraculous Fruit for KTM Will Be Seen in MotoGP 2020

KTM racer, Pol Espargaro, believes that the effects brought by Dani Pedrosa as a test rider will be seen in MotoGP 2020.
A big step was taken by KTM when they recruited Dani Pedrosa as their test driver in MotoGP in 2018.

Austrian manufacturer Dani Pedrosa's destination after deciding to close his long career in MotoGP in the same year.

KTM's attempt to recruit Pedrosa is inseparable. Some people think that Pedrosa's too small posture can hamper it.

With a weight of 51 kilograms, or approximately 9kg lighter than the average weight of a MotoGP racer, Pedrosa is considered not the ideal figure to be a test rider.

In an interview with Crash.net in December 2018, KTM Manufacturing Team Head Mike Leitner defended his camp's decision.

Dani Pedrosa's crew head experience for 10 years (2004-2013) made Leitner know that there was something special about The Little Spaniard.

"With his height and weight, Pedrosa must work with great precision to compete with other drivers," Leitner said.

Dani Pedrosa

"For me, this is actually a very positive sign for a test driver."

The impact brought by Pedrosa over the past year to the development of the RC16 motorbike has been felt by the KTM flagship racer, Pol Espargaro.

Espargaro said that Pedrosa had helped KTM discover new aspects of their motorbikes to explore.

Espargaro believes that the effects that Pedrosa will bring will be felt by KTM when competing this year.

"The real fruits will start to be seen this year," said Pol Espargaro,"Pedrosa was late starting the test because he had an operation and was unlucky with bad weather when the test was taking place.

"But he brought a lot of new concepts and methods."

MotoGP will still hold two pre-season tests before the 2020 season rolls. Initial tests for the year will be held in Malaysia (7-9 February) and Qatar (February 22-24).


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