Deontay Wilder taunts Tyson Fury with the title 'She's Crazy'

Deontay Wilder taunts Tyson Fury with the title 'She's Crazy'
Two heavyweight boxers, Tyson Fury (left) and Deontay Wilder (right) are taking pictures together. Although rivals, originally, the two are good friends.

United States heavyweight boxer, Deontay Wilder, called Tyson Fury (England) as a madman.

Deontay Wilder called Tyson Fury not without reason.

Earlier Tyson Fury said he had a strategy of overthrowing Deontay Wilder in two straight rounds.

If you look at the records, the boxer nicknamed Gypsy King had once won in two rounds as well.

At that time, Fury conquered Tom Schwarz through TKO in June 2019 ago.

However, Fury was then quite overwhelmed in eliminating Otto Wallin in the next match.

He defeated Otto Wallin through an unanimous decision in 12 rounds.

After the two matches, Fury was immediately scheduled to fight with Wilder. 

Deontay Wilder taunts Tyson Fury with the title 'She's Crazy'
 Deontay Wilder

Fury and Wilder will each fight at the MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, Saturday (2/22/2020).

Knowing Fury's strategy that threatened to win in two rounds, Wilder apparently looked disbelief.

"Their strategy? I don't know how to respond," Wilder was quoted as saying by from Sky Sports.

"Are they trying to kick me out of the game? I don't know what he (Fury) did. He is crazy, bro," he continued.

Wilder did not seem convinced by Fury's strategy.

The boxer nicknamed Bronze Bomber revealed that he would retire if he lost in two rounds of Fury.

"He said he would drop me in the second round and that could not be trusted," Wilder said, quoted by from

"I can't see things happen. If he makes me lose in the second round, I will retire and assume my career is over," Wilder added. 



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