Even meaner, Deontay Wilder calls Dillian Whyte like an animal

Even meaner, Deontay Wilder calls Dillian Whyte like an animal
Heavyweight fighter, Deontay Wilder (United States) finally opened his voice after being ridiculed by Dillian Whyte (Jamaica).

Previously, Dillian Whyte always sent insults to Deontay Wilder through various ways both social media and during the interview session.

This is due to Dillian Whyte upset with the treatment Deontay Wilder did to him.

The man from England was once a boxer who was offered by WBC to Wilder in a fight required to win the title.

Unfortunately the battle has until now failed to occur.

As a result Whyte was enraged by the behavior of the 34-year-old boxer.

His anger was manifested by giving the title to Wilder as the biggest coward.

"The biggest coward award in boxing rig.

Even meaner, Deontay Wilder calls Dillian Whyte like an animal

"It's been number one for two years, but this coward still doesn't have the courage to fight me until now," he added.

This time, Wilder finally opened his mouth after always being blasphemed by Whyte.

The bad thing is, he calls Whyte a poodle, which, according to KBBI, is a small and thick furry dog.

"Every poodle has its day. As you know poodles are completely harmless when they are released," said Wilder from Boxingnews24.

"So we will let him release him for a while, and let the poodle continue to bark, and do what he does to build influence. There is nothing difficult about Dillian Whyte," he continued.

For now, the boxer nicknamed the Bronze Bomber, will not care about Whyte.

Wilder even asked the 31-year-old boxer to continue fighting so that the time awaited for holding a mandatory fight arrived.

"Dillian Whyte is not important in my life right now, but, when that time comes, you know what I'm saying," Wilder said.

Even meaner, Deontay Wilder calls Dillian Whyte like an animal

"Be careful what you ask for, I like mandatory. They are like flies in my ears, and I will defeat them when the time comes.

"I think the time will come, especially if he continues to win. Continue to choose this safe fight," he continued.

Wilder then boasted that no one would call himself a coward.

"You (Whyte) chose a safe fight, and you want to call my name a coward? No one in this world will believe that I am a coward," Wilder said.

"I am the most evil person in the world, and have the best punch in history in boxing. When you do what I do repeatedly, you don't need to be afraid of anyone," he added.

Wilder is currently preparing to stage a rematch against Tyson Fury at the MGM Grand Arena,


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