F1 New Ferrari Cars Make the Technics Shake Their Heads

F1 New Ferrari Cars Make the Technics Shake Their Heads
Two Ferrari racers, Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel, during the Formula 1 Singapore GP pre-race press conference at the Marina Bay Road Circuit, 19 September 2019.

The tricky problem befell Ferrari ahead of the new Formula 1 (F1) season. Reportedly a new race car that was prepared reportedly did not match expectations.

Ferrari is threatened again achieving unsatisfactory results at the Formula 1 event following poor results in the trials they made.

German automotive media, AutoBILD, claims to have received information from an internal Ferrari source that the new race car was worse than expected.

"The new car with code 671, which will be introduced on February 11, is alleged to make technicians in the wind tunnel shake their heads," writes AutoBILD.

Yes, the conclusion appears Ferrari conducted a wind tunnel test (wind tunnel) with the 671 coded car.

Data obtained by Ferrari shows the potential for serious aerodynamic problems that could affect the performance of the land jet next season.

Unfortunately, both simulation experts and wind tunnel technicians from the manufacturer Maranello have not been able to find the source of the problem.

Poor aerodynamics is said to not be the only problem that has the potential to face Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc next season. 

F1 New Ferrari Cars Make the Technics Shake Their Heads
 Ferrari Releases the Latest F1 Car

The step of the FIA car racing sports cover the gray area in the regulation of fuel use makes Ferrari can not use their old tricks.

Just for information, last season Ferrari was in the spotlight because it was accused of manipulating the fuel supplier system which resulted in an increase in the power of the car.

This method is believed to be the secret of a significant increase in Ferrari's performance on a straight track since using the latest power unit at the Italian GP (8/9/2019).

Ferrari managed to wipe out pole position in five successive series since the racing series at the Monza Circuit along with two wins.

Despite the controversies, Ferrari still has time to clean up.

The team with the Prancing Horse logo has a month to develop their race car before the F1 pre-season test on 19 February. 



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