MotoGP Official Dies While Celebrating New Year

MotoGP Official Dies While Celebrating New Year

One official in MotoGP Gary McLaren (50) died as a result of a disaster while celebrating New Year's Eve in Thailand.

MotoGP was grieving after Gary McLaren died while celebrating the new year with his girlfriend, Jasmine.

Gary McLaren is no stranger to the MotoGP paddock. McLaren had worked as a technician on the Suzuki MotoGP team until 2011.

Now McLaren is working as an IT specialist for the ITRA (International Road-Racing Teams Association) racing team association which is an important organization in MotoGP.

Local police said Gary McLaren was killed outside a nightclub in Pattaya while lighting fireworks.

Witnesses reported that McLaren failed to light fireworks twice before a third attempt was disastrous.

The fireworks exploded too fast and hit McLaren's face and killed him at the scene.

Gary McLaren is a man who came from Corby in Northamtonshire, England. He has lived with his partner in Thailand for the past few years.

MotoGP Official Dies While Celebrating New Year

The police have confiscated fireworks as evidence.

MotoGP has given condolences for the death of McLaren.

"The sad news came this morning. Our colleague, Gary McLaren, from IRTA died last night," MotoGP wrote in his upload.

"He will be missed very much."


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