Still on the Same Problem, Solskjaer Again Attack Van Persie

Still on the Same Problem, Solskjaer Again Attack Van Persie

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer seems not to be satisfied with offending former Manchester United player Robin van Persie. The Red Devils coach still nudged Van Persie's criticism after the match against Wolverhampton.

A few days ago, Van Persie had hurled criticism at Solskjaer. He said that the Norwegian man was too good and should have been able to anger him.

That is the first criticism. The second, he highlighted the attitude of Van Persie after the game against Arsenal in the Premier League event recently.

Solskjaer was caught on camera smiling while Manchester United had just felt the 0-2 defeat of Arsenal who were in prison. And Van Persie claimed not to like Solskjaer's body gestures.

Van Persie

Solskjaer alludes to Van Persie again

Solskjaer then provides a counterattack some time afterwards. In fact, he alluded to Van Persie's thoughts which he said were outdated.

And it seems like Solskjaer isn't really satisfied. After facing Wolverhampton in the FA Cup, where the match ended with a 0-0 draw, he again threw criticism at the Dutchman.

"I like my behavior, my personality and my values. I hold that," Van Persie told Viasport after the match.

"[This approach] also works very closely with the players, the dialogue takes place nicely. There are many people who do not know what the situation is behind the locker room door," he continued.

Different When Away from the Camera

The Norwegian man himself admitted that the criticism of his coaching style did not frustrate him. Because club leaders like Ed Glazer know how he works behind the scenes.

"No," Solskjaer answered when asked about criticism. "Ed, Joel [Glazer] and those who work with me know how I am," he added.

"Those who know me know how I am when I am away from the camera," he concluded.

After this, Solskjaer will again lead his team to compete against Manchester City in the Carabao Cup. The first leg of the semi-final round will be held at Old Trafford.


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