The Era of Setienism in Barcelona Begins, What's the Foundation?

The Era of Setienism in Barcelona Begins, What's the Foundation?
Barcelona is in the era of Setienism What are its foundations. Barcelona is now in a new era. Quique Setien came as a coach. He brought a new style of play. Marca journalist, Jesus Sanchez,

Quique Setien replaces Ernesto Valverde as Barcelona's coach. Before being appointed as the coach of the Catalan club, Quique Setien did not have a good enough reputation.

Coaching career Quique Setien did not wander with the title. He also only coached clubs. Real Betis and Las Palmas, the last two Quique Setien clubs, have become quite popular names compared to other clubs.

Even so, Quique Setien is not a new figure in Spanish football. He was a professional player and defended Atletico Madrid. Quique Setien also has three caps for the Spanish national team.

Pillar of Setienism

Quique Setien debuted quite smoothly. Barcelona can win 1-0 over Granada. Lionel Messi's goal. Quique Setien performed according to Quique Setien's standards before the match: dominant.

Quique Setien, as a coach, is so deifying Johan Cruyff. He adheres to the typical Tiki-taka style of play from the Dutchman. And, that's what Barcelona has been playing all this time. In the match counter Granada, Barcelona have the ball up to 82.6 percent.

"The possession of the ball returns to Barcelona as a virtue and a prominent thing in Barcelona's performance. As if it is better to score after 100 passes," said Jesus Sanchez.

Jesus Sanchez also believes that Barcelona will not like Mohamed Salah's goal against Manchester United. A goal from a long pass from Alisson Bekcer, from a quick counterattack.

"Barcelona has returned, but with a new look and everything looks different," said Jesus Sanchez.
Sergio Busquets and Lionel Messi

The Era of Setienism in Barcelona Begins, What's the Foundation?

Barcelona's mainstay midfielder, Sergio Busquets

Sergio Busquets has an important role in the Quique Setien concoction scheme. In the 3-1-4-2 formation, Sergio Busquets played the role in number 1. He became the center of all ball movements played by Barcelona.

Quique Setien made Busquets back to being a player at Barcelona, which had been eliminated by Ernesto Valverde. In addition, the 61-year-old coach also did not dismiss that Lionel Messi is still the estuary of the Barcelona game.

"Quique Setien makes Barcelona return as Lionel Messi wants it to be," he said.

However, Jesus Sanchez assessed that the path of Quique Setien to implement Setienism in Barcelona is still long. They have not been faced with a busy schedule and heavy opponents. Granada is considered not a difficult opponent


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