The former MotoGP racer went crazy until he accused the title of Rossi and Marquez of being set

The former MotoGP racer went crazy until he accused the title of Rossi and Marquez of being set
Former MotoGP racer, Anthony West

Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez were dragged into the anger of the former MotoGP racer, Anthony West, for the punishment he received.

The world of racing was shocked by the upload of former MotoGP racer Anthony West, in response to a letter he received from the parent of the motor racing sport FIM.

For information, West got a ban on his activities in the racing world due to doping cases as of January 17, 2019 until September 14, 2020.

Drivers who have defended Kawasaki in MotoGP then tried their luck by appearing at the Brazilian Superbike National Championship which is not shaded by FIM.

FIM has tried to ban West from competing through the championship organizers.

However, the FIM recommendations were not accepted because they did not currently have the authority over the Brazilian Superbike Championship which is an independent event.

The driver, who is known to be good in rainy conditions, finally continued to appear in the 2019 Brazilian Superbike Championship with Kawasaki from March to July.

However, that does not mean West avoid problems.

The former MotoGP racer went crazy until he accused the title of Rossi and Marquez of being set
 Anthony West Champs in the 600cc Class

In a letter dated January 24, 2020, FIM warns West about the potential increase in the duration of its activity ban due to its violations.

"The effect of such participation is the disqualification and addition of the sentence, with the duration as the initial decision, at the end of the sentence that is ongoing," wrote FIM in his letter.

FIM brought the case to the International Disciplinary Court (CDI) and gave West the opportunity to testify.

FIM's decision made West furious. The Australian racer vent his anger in uploads on his social media account.

Not only blaspheming FIM, West also dragged the achievement of Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez which he said was prearranged.

Following is the complete statement of the 38-year-old racer as launched from his social media account.

"I surrendered. These corrupt people were out of control and ruined my life," West wrote.

"I performed in a championship that is NOT affiliated with FIM. Now they are creating rules as if they have control over whether I can perform there.

"They have stopped me from racing there by going to Kawasaki Japan and making them stop being my sponsor in Brazil. 

"I hate this life and I'm trying to do my best to get bankrupt again.

"I was kicked out of my father's house. I ran out of money and couldn't get a decent job because everything I did was a waste of time racing.

"Here's some advice for everyone who thinks they will never succeed in becoming a racer by working hard. If you want to win, pay with money."

"They let Marc Marquez win Moto2 despite cheating with his ECU.

"When Tom Luthi's team went to protest, they told him to be quiet because Spain needed a new champion.

"They let Rossi win all 500cc championships by giving him tires that were made specifically for each circuit.

"They used a helicopter to transport tires from the factory only for Rossi so he could win the race.

"Everything you see is fake. Don't believe anything you see. They control who wins the race and who doesn't.

"I'm very angry. I have 100 other stories like this.

"I gave up. I plan to race again in September, but I can't take this shit from FIM anymore.

"It ruined my life until I wished I was dead. I hate this life. Fuck you with FIM."

This is not the first time Anthony West has issued a serious accusation against FIM. Last year he also did the same thing due to FIM's efforts to prevent him from appearing in Brazil.

Even so with the doping case. West had tripped over a similar problem in 2013 until being suspended for 18 months.



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