The Great Ambition of the Renault Team May not Backfire in the 2020 Season

The boss of the Renault team, Cyril Abiteboul, hopes that the ambition to become one of the top teams in 2021 should not backfire when facing the Formula 1 2020 season.

Renault has a mission to surge into the top tier teams in 2021 and challenge elite teams namely Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull.

However, Abiteboul said that should not be the reason Renault did not excel in the 2020 season.

"In terms of communication and team expectations, things might be different. However, this is normal because we have to balance the situation in 2020 and 2021," Abiteboul said, quoted by from Motorsport.

"All teams will face the same challenges, but no one will have expectations like us in 2021. Because, all our strategies are based on these expectations," he continued.

Abiteboul also prohibited Renault from appearing mediocre in 2020 and made the team's long-term ambitions justification.

"I do not want ambition in 2021 to be a reason to perform poorly in 2020. Renault must raise the standard of all the standards of the things we did in the previous year," Abiteboul said.

"All changes must have a positive influence starting in 2020. I want to see these positive changes," he said again.

Renault was ranked fifth in the constructors' standings in 2019 with 91 points.

The new Renault team will be launched in Paris, France, on February 12, 2020.


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