Valentino Rossi No Problem Joining the Yamaha Satellite Team

Valentino Rossi No Problem Joining the Yamaha Satellite Team

The future of Valentino Rosi sin the MotoGP arena is still a question mark. Although he is no longer young, the Italian racer has not yet shown signs of retiring from the iron horse racing.

Rossi is now 40 years old. As we get older, the driver's performance nicknamed The Doctor continues to sag. Never mind repeating the success of becoming the MotoGP world champion as has been done seven times before, going up to the first podium Rossi is already difficult.

Last season, Rossi returned without a win. His best achievement was just reaching the second and third podiums. This has further extended Rossi's famine which has persisted since 2017.

Nevertheless, Yamaha Movistar still put hope in Rossi. The Japanese manufacturer's team still gives Rossi a chance until the end of the upcoming 2020 racing season.

As reported by, there are still many who think that Yamaha will always provide a place for Rossi. This attitude finally made Yamaha potentially face a dilemma when determining the racer's squad to be deployed at the MotoGP race season in 2021.

This situation is inseparable from the performance of Petronas Yamaha SRT driver, Fabio Quartararo, which has improved recently. The Yamaha satellite racer deservedly rose to the first team class. But this effort is difficult to materialize if Rossi has not yet decided to retire from the MotoGP race.

Yamaha itself must immediately take a decision. Because it's no secret, if Ducati secretly wants Maverick Vinales, who is currently a tandem Rossi. While Quartararo also has the potential to become a hot commodity in the drivers' transfer market at the start of the 2020 season.

Willing to Join the Satellite Team

Willing to Join the Satellite Team

In the midst of this confusing situation, Rossi finally spoke up. For the first time Rossi expressed his willingness to switch places with Quartararo and drive the M1 in 2021.

"I don't see a big difference in joining Petronas," Rossi said in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, as reported by recently.

"I prefer to stay where I am right now, but if there are three riders for two places, you have to think about third place." And for me, even if it's Petronas, it's not a bad team. But maybe, Vinales will go and Quartararo will change his motorcycle, who knows. "

Rossi added, he would consult with Yamaha officials to deal with this situation. Because all the decisions in recent MotoGP are always determined at the beginning of the new season.

"I will need time to understand, around the middle of the season. I will talk to Lin Jarvis (Yamaha team boss) and Yamaha to find out what they think," Rossi said.

No grandiose

No grandiose

Last month, to Gulf 12 Hours, Valentico Rossi said it was better not to renew his contract unless his performance this season improved. But Rossi claimed to be grateful because Yamaha so far gave him the flexibility to decide when to retire from MotoGP.

"Yamaha says there is no need to feel like a prisoner, they believe my competitiveness. This is important. This is an honor and for those who are given the freedom to determine when to retire is a luxury. Usually they leave you stranded," beber Rossi.

While regarding the target this season, Rossi does not want to be grandiose. "I want the M1 to be 10 km / h faster in the straight lane, like Honda and Ducati. But I know it will be difficult," Rossi said.


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