Corona Virus Effects in Italy, 1 Coach Discharged

Corona Virus Effects in Italy, 1 Coach Discharged
Illustration of Corona virus.

Corona virus that penetrated Italian soccer took its first victim among players in the Piza Country competition.

Thursday (2/27/2020), reports circulated that a player from the Pianese club, a member of Serie C aka the Italian League's 3rd division, tested positive for the Corona virus or COVID-19.

This is the first case that has happened to footballers since the virus started in China.

The unnamed player was hit by flu symptoms at the end of last week and was not allowed to practice on the field.

La Nazione reported, the team doctor conducted a medical at midnight and a few hours later news spread at the club that the player was positive for the virus.

He was immediately taken by ambulance to the Scotte Infectious Disease Department in Siena.

As a precaution against transmission, the club canceled training sessions and waited for guidance from the Italian Health Institution.

Another case befell the former Palermo coach, Chievo and Watford, Giuseppe Sannino.

The bald head coach was temporarily relieved as coach of the Hungarian club, Budapest Honved, amid fears of spreading the virus from his country.

Sannino had just returned from Italy this weekend.

Honved is worried that environmental conditions prone to epidemics in the State of Piza make Sannino a medium for transmitting the virus.

"The club, who heard bad news from our country, took the decision as a precautionary measure," he said.

Corona Virus Effects in Italy, 1 Coach Discharged
Giuseppe Sannino, Budapest Honved coach.

"I'm fine. When I got off the plane, they (officers) had already checked my fever," said Sannino, who was calm about this situation.

Coaching duties at Honved are now carried out by the reserve team coach, Istvan Pisont.

Sannino himself is scheduled to undergo additional tests to avoid the worst conditions.

"Giuseppe Sannino's replacement needs to be done because they could be in contact with people who live in areas affected by the Corona virus," the Honved club statement said.

Corona Virus Effects in Italy, 1 Coach Discharged
Map of Corona virus spread as of Thursday (02/27/2020).

Italy is indeed feared as the main gateway for the spread of COVID-19 in Europe because it is the country most affected by the virus in the Blue Continent.

According to data as of Thursday (2/27/2020), there were 400 more positive cases of the Corona virus and claimed dozens of lives.

That number continues to increase and as of Friday (2/28/2020), positive cases have reached 650 incidents with 17 of them dead.


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