Experiencing Crisis, Honda Take Emergency Steps.

Experiencing Crisis, Honda Take Emergency Steps.
Repsol Honda rider Marc Marquez prepares to pre-test the 2020 MotoGP preseason at the Losail Circuit, Qatar, February 24, 2020.

Honda took an emergency step after the development of the 2020 RC213V motorbike reaped many complaints from its drivers.

Honda is racing against time to save their superiority as a champion manufacturer in the MotoGP arena.

Complaints about the new motorbike is the reason. Danger alarms ring louder after poor results in the MotoGP pre-season test in Qatar.

There were almost no Honda representatives in the top 10 fastest lap time scorer on the second day of the test at the Losail Circuit on Sunday (2/23/2020).

The best position is actually occupied by a satellite team rider, Takaaki Nakagami (LCR Honda). Riding a motorbike last year, he was 10th with a best record of 1 minute 54, 759 seconds.

Meanwhile, three of Honda's latest motorbike sank in the rear.

Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda) is in 14th position with the best record (1: 55,093) which is worse than the first day of pre-season tests in Qatar.

Alex Marquez (Repsol Honda / 1: 55,725) ranks 19th. While Cal Crutchlow (LCR Honda / 1: 56,178) who pulled aside was stuck in the 21st position.

Aside from engine braking, the lack of feeling with the front tire grip is seen as a complicated Honda problem. The result, the RC213V 2020 motor becomes unstable when entering a bend.

This problem has indeed been a scourge of Honda since the previous season. Unfortunately, the old disaster was even more obvious when progress in other areas was created.

The Honda racers were made anxious every time they would enter the bend. Just a little off guard, they can slide off the track with the iron horse.

"The only way I can stay on the bike is to drive [very slowly] like an amateur racer," Crutchlow said about his new motorbike.

Marc Marquez, who last season seemed to have no problems, shared the same complaint with his colleagues.

The condition of the right shoulder that has not recovered 100 percent makes the defending champion hesitate to use his elbow to prevent the motorcycle from falling when the front tire slips.

"Of course if I am 100 percent fit, I can overcome this problem," Marquez said after the first day of testing, reported by BolaSport.com from Speedweek.

"However, when I experience problems, I cannot do it, and race at the level of other Honda riders," he added.

The crisis that is being experienced makes Honda take emergency measures on the last day of the MotoGP pre-season test, Monday (2/24/2020).

One 2019 RC213V motorbike which was originally used by Nakagami was taken to the Marquez garage.

Experiencing Crisis, Honda Take Emergency Steps.

Still reported by Speedweek, Marquez wants to see how big the difference between old and new motorbikes is about feeling with the front tire.

Honda has time to make improvements until March 5. Afterward, their machine will be sealed until the end of the season.


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